1. Sugar Land Overview

    Check out quick facts and figures about Sugar Land.

  2. Awards & Recognitions

    Learn more about City of Sugar Land awards and accolades through the years.

  3. Business Overview

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  4. City History

    Discover Sugar Land's rich history as its grown through the years.

  5. City Organizational Chart

    See the city government organizational chart.

  6. Citizen Satisfaction Survey

    Citizens of Sugar Land gave high marks public safety, quality of life, infrastructure, entertainment venues and parks/recreation in a statistically valid Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

  7. Form of Government

    Learn more about the form of government employed by the City of Sugar Land.

  8. Vision, Mission & Priorities

    Find more about the city's 2025 vision, mission, and goals.

  9. Planned Communities

    Check out Sugar Land's planned communities. Master-planned communities offer complete community and protect asset values.

  10. Relocation Information

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