What is the Sugar Land Way?

The Sugar Land Way is a mindset that has been around since the City's founding. In its broadest sense, it is a commitment to doing things differently — a cut above — a commitment to bold and thoughtful thinking designed to make life sweeter and more refined for the people and businesses that call Sugar Land home.

Public Works Employee Saves Ducklings
311 Contact Center
Sugar Land City Hall

A Cut Above

Amador Gutierrez, a Public Works employee, went above the call of duty by rescuing five ducklings who had fallen into a culvert in the Colony Bend neighborhood. Amador discovered them when making the rounds to check storm drains for debris after heavy rains in May 2019. Colony Bend resident Kerry Campbell captured the rescue.

Bold and Thoughtful Thinking

The City's 311 Contact Center is a finalist for the 2019 Government Experience Award. The award recognizes achievement and best practices that are radically improving the government experience and pushing the boundaries of how resident services are delivered.

Doing Things Differently

Sugar Land City Council expressed a re-commitment to the "Sugar Land Way" during its annual spring planning session, a day-long workshop where they formalized strategies to ensure the continuance of the "Sugar Land Way" as the city approaches its 60th anniversary.