Mobility Master Plan

Mobility has been identified as the number one priority of Sugar Land residents. In a continuing effort to keep ahead of mobility needs, the city is launching a new planning process to address mobility in Sugar Land.

Taking a Different Approach

The City is taking a different approach to addressing mobility issues by shifting its focus - from moving vehicles to moving people. This renewed focus will aim to provide residents, visitors, and tourists with multiple transportation options to choose from within Sugar Land.

The plan consists of the consolidation of three existing mobility plans (Master Thoroughfare Plan, Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan, and Comprehensive Mobility Plan). See additional details on the process and planning of the Mobility Master Plan.

Who will be involved

The mobility master plan will involve a variety of stakeholders, including city officials, professional advisors from regional governmental agencies, and citizens. All working under the coordination of city of Sugar Land staff.

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Get Involved

The City is forming a Citizen Task Force for the development of the Mobility Master Plan.

The Citizen Task Force will be comprised of at least 18 members representing diverse mobility interests such as drivers, cyclists, walkers, transit users, seniors, parents of school children, people with disabilities, major employers, and local businesses.

Who we're looking for

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Responsibilities of the Citizen Task Force

  • Participating in community dialogue and education process regarding general transportation and mobility issues
  • Reviewing the City’s current mobility plans including the Comprehensive Mobility Plan, Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan, and the Master Thoroughfare Plan
  • Reviewing the City’s policy questions to be addressed through the development of the Plan, and to provide input on policy changes as well as new policies
  • Making a recommendation of the Plan to City Council for consideration
  • Serving as advocates for the development of the Plan within the community while the project is ongoing

The Citizen Task Force’s commitment is anticipated to begin in March 2020. The Task Force will meet monthly throughout the duration of the project, which is expected to take approximately three years to complete.

How to Apply

If you are interested in serving on the Citizen Task Force for the Mobility Master Plan, fill out the online application below.

Please note:

  • Application deadline has been extended to October 25, 2019

Info Session Presentation

On October 3, city staff held two informative sessions for interested individuals.


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