Sugar Land Municipal Court

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The Sugar Land Municipal Court handles cases involving Class C misdemeanors. Generally, such cases are punishable by fine only.

Hours of Operation

  • Regular Court Business Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Arraignments: Held Tuesday through Friday starting at 9 a.m. (check-in by 8:30 a.m.)

Quick Links

Jury Service
Jury service information including qualifications and exemptions.

Court Payments
Payments to the Court and driving safety course requests can be made online.

Driving Safety Course
Eligibility and procedure to request a driving safety course.

Deferred Disposition (Probation)
Eligibility and procedures to request a deferred disposition.

Affidavit to Report End of Deferred Disposition (Probation)
Compliance must be reported at the end of the probation period.  If successful, you are to complete the affidavit up to part 3.  If unsuccessful, skip sections, 2 & 3.  Please note:  The affidavit must be signed, dated, and notarized.

Deferred Disposition Fees  - Before 8/31/2019
Use this fee schedule for any violations which occurred BEFORE 8/31/2019.

Deferred Disposition Fees -After 9/1/2019
Use this fee schedule for any violations which occurred AFTER 9/1/2019.

Court Brochure
An overview of options to take care of a ticket.

Self-Represented Litigants
The public has access to helpful tools for self-representation, as directed under Texas Senate Bill 1911, effective Sept. 1, 2017

Did you receive a citation from a Sugar Land police officer?

Watch this short video and learn more about the options available to you.

Contact Us

  1. 1200 Highway 6 S.
    P.O. Box 110
    Sugar Land, TX 77487-0110
    Ph: 281-275-2560 | Fx: 281-275-2648
    Automated Payment Line: 281-275-2390