The annexation of Greatwood and New Territory increased the City’s population, requiring the City’s four single member City Council districts to be adjusted. Single member Council districts must be of substantially equal population with a maximum deviation no greater than 10 percent between the most populated and least populated council member district.

Redistricting Advisory Committee

Sugar Land City Council recently appointed a Redistricting Advisory Committee to ensure the city’s single-member City Council districts comply with federal law. The committee will hold meetings from June 25 to Aug. 10.

Residents are encouraged to participate during the redistricting process. A schedule of meetings will be posted on this website.

Committee Recommendations

The committee is scheduled to make its recommendations to City Council on Aug. 21.  City Council is scheduled to hold a workshop on Aug. 28 to discuss the committee's recommendations and receive comments from the public.

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Single Member Council Districts

CoSL Districts

Note: The recent annexation of the New Territory and Greatwood communities resulted in the temporary assignment of New Territory to District 2 and Greatwood to District 4. This is represented on the above map as 2-I and 4-I, respectively.

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