Permanent Zoning

Now that New Territory and Greatwood are annexed into the city limits of Sugar Land, zoning will apply to all properties.  Zoning is the way local governments can regulate the physical development of land and the uses that are allowed to be developed on property. It is also a tool used to guide decision making for improvements to existing property to ensure it is consistent with the surrounding environment. Zoning protects neighborhoods from development that does not harmonize or is not compatible with the surrounding area.

Permanent Zoning Phases

Permanent zoning within New Territory and Greatwood will be applied in the following phases:

  • Phase I - Replacing Interim R-1-I in New Territory with permanent commercial zoning districts for areas that are commercially developed. – Phase I completed on May 1, 2018.
  • Phase II – Permanent zoning in Greatwood of residential townhomes and non-residential areas without interim commercial zoning.
  • Phase III - Permanent zoning of non-standard single-family residential in Greatwood (properties platted as zero-lot line residential (patio homes) and multi-family in New Territory.
  • Phase IV - Permanent zoning of standard single-family in New Territory and Greatwood.
  • Phase V - Permanent zoning of non-residential areas with interim commercial zoning in Greatwood.

Phase II – Greatwood Residential Townhomes and Non-Residential Areas Without Interim Commercial Zoning.

The proposed permanent zoning will replace the interim (R-1-I) zoning designation placed on all property at time of annexation with permanent commercial zoning or residential zoning districts (B-O or R-3) for areas developed as independent/assisted living or townhomes.

Zoning District Descriptions:

Vicinity Map B-O site

Business Office District (B-O)
The Business Office district allows development of office uses and certain limited service and retail uses which are compatible with offices.

Townhomes Vicinity Map

Townhouse Residential District (R-3)
The Townhouse Residential District provides for development of well-designed low density townhouse complexes with an emphasis on Open Space and access to light and air.