About the Annexation

The City of Sugar Land looks forward to welcoming our new residents from Greatwood and New Territory on the effective annexation date of December 12, 2017. This annexation will increase the City’s population by more than 30% (from 87,367 to approximately 117,000). Greatwood and New Territory are premier communities with first-class infrastructure; beautiful parks; carefully planned, well maintained neighborhoods; and quality retail and commercial areas that are consistent with Sugar Land’s commitment to excellence.

Annexation Process

The process for the annexation of the Greatwood and New Territory Municipal Utility Districts began in November 2007 and is the result of years of thoughtful, deliberate planning; extensive public input; and a strong partnership between the City and elected officials in the communities.
Strategic Partnership Agreements (SPAs) between the City and the Greatwood and New Territory MUDs provided contractual commitments for annexation and the provision of services to these non-City residents.

Public hearings on Oct. 2, 2007, and Oct. 16, 2007, were held prior to approval of the SPA agreements – documents that require annexation no later than the date when all outstanding MUD debt has been retired.

On Nov. 15, 2016, City Council approved Ordinance No. 2075, which:
  • sets an official annexation date of Dec. 12, 2017 (providing the required one-year notice to the districts);
  • ensures full City services will be provided to Greatwood and New Territory on the day of annexation; and
  • ensures there will be no cost to existing residents of Sugar Land.

Moving Forward

The City is committed to excellence in the delivery of public services for current residents, as well as its future residents who live in the Greatwood and New Territory communities. An extensive public outreach effort will be conducted during the next year to provide more details on what current and future residents can expect. Communication between the City and future residents is a key priority, as the City will ensure that residents do not notice a lag in service, or service quality upon the effective date of annexation. As we move closer to the effective date, the City will be sure to solicit input, and provide opportunities for residents and contractors to learn about City-wide standards and expectations.

Annexation Funding

Throughout the annexation planning process, City staff consistently monitored the expected financial impacts to ensure an efficient and effective transition. In October 2016, staff held workshop discussions with City Council to address financial matters. This presentation can be found below. Also available is an approved budget amendment, amending the FY 2017 budget to account for the impacts of the concurrent annexation of Greatwood and New Territory.