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If you're looking for a particular amenity or a particular park's location, the Parks Map & Facilities Guide is a handy source that you can take with you on-the-go! The guide includes a checklist of each park's features, as well as our rental and special-use facilities!

Mountain Biking

Brindley & Mountain Bike Trail Rules 

1. Use of the facility is at your own risk.

2. No motorized vehicles allowed on the trail at any time.

3. Use of a helmet is required for all riders.

4. Maintain control of your bicycle at all times and ride within your skill level.

5. All riders must travel in the same direction on the trail.

6. Yield to other trail users

7. Foul language and dangerous/careless conduct is prohibited.

8. No stopping in the middle of the trail or where visibility is limited. Pull off to the side of the trail.

9. Ride trail from start to finish - do not cut corners.

10. The possession, use or consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco is prohibited.

11. No glass containers are allowed.

12. Weapons of any type are prohibited.

13. Organized racing is permitted only with the written permission of the City of Sugar Land.

14. Hours of use are from sunrise to sunset.

Respect others and enjoy your ride!

(Updated 2016)